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Celeriter WebWorx - Your One-Stop "Solution-Centric" Web Provider

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Bottom Line: We will not attempt to oversell you! Working closely with you, we will determine the objectives for your website, what your budget is, and what we can accomplish for you within that budget.

You may be asking yourself, "Do I need a website for my business?" Here's how that very question is addressed in a paper published by the University of Missouri-Columbia for the Missouri Business Development Network:

Who needs a World Wide Web site?

Every business, especially those selling to consumers, needs some kind of World Wide Web presence, even if it is as minor as an electronic directory listing. The Web is increasingly replacing the phone book as the place where people look for a company's address, phone number and other key information. And, it has the advantage of not being limited to a particular city. In addition, organizations and institutions that want to reach members and collaborators can have an immediate wide-reaching presence.

In addition, the ebi Group, an authority in marketing whose mission is to help Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME) successfully understand and use technology, and to provide insights into SME-focused technology trends and needs, provides the following insights in regards to establishing an effective web presence:

It might cost you nothing. Studies show most small businesses make at least enough from their online sales, or from increased walk-in or phone-in business, to cover their Web hosting costs, so there's little risk to starting a hosting account. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) reports that two-thirds of businesses with one to nine employees make money or at least break even with their Websites, while only 15 percent end up spending more than they take in.

Your competition is already online. The Center for Women's Business Research reports that 58 percent of small businesses already have Websites. That gives online entrepreneurs an edge with both existing and prospective customers. Shoppers increasingly want instant answers and instant gratification from the businesses they frequent. If they are looking for information at 3 a.m. on a Sunday, for instance, who are they more likely to buy from: a traditional 9-to-5 shop, or a business with a Website that can answer their questions and process their orders immediately?

Your customers expect you to be online. The rates of Internet usage just keep going up, and most surfers expect the average business to have a Web presence of some kind. Even consumers who aren't yet comfortable buying over the Internet are looking for product or service information and browsing online.

The Web can be a great equalizer. A small business with a well designed, well-promoted Website can compete with even bigger and more established businesses. Online entrepreneurs might also find their Websites help them overcome perceived obstacles like physical disabilities, strong accents, being an older woman in a young man's profession, and so on.

It will help your "real-world" sales. Because so many consumers are using the Internet for research and comparison-shopping, an effective Website can actually boost storefront and other "real-world sales." In fact, a study by the NFIB found small-business Websites generate twice as many walk-in, phone or fax sales as they do online sales.

Celeriter WebWorx will work with you, and your business, to assist in:

  1. Defining your goals, or purpose, for a website. For example, will your site:
    • Be an online Brochure for your company, with limited means of visitor feedback?
    • Provide email links to you, and your company?
    • Have online forms for interaction with visitors, and potential customers?
    • Be a store of your company's products, accepting online orders?

    Regardless of whether your website requirements are for a simplistic online Brochure, a slightly more interactive site with custom graphics and imagery, or a complete custom eCommerce site, as your One-Stop-Shop web provider, we are here to fullfil your needs.

  2. Laying out your main, or "Landing" page, and the overall site organization
  3. Choosing, and Registering an appropriate, and available Domain Name (Website Name) for your online site
  4. Establishing your online "identity," using an existing Logo, or creating one for you
  5. Choosing your website's Look 'n Feel
    • What colors and textures to use
    • What common elements to use across your website
  6. Choosing, or creating, pictures and graphics for use on your website
  7. Defining Forms for obtaining visitor feedback
  8. Creating your website online on a state of the art Network Web Server
  9. Promoting your new site for the purpose of generating traffic (visitors)
  10. Maintaining your site to keep it evergreen, changing, and always fresh

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