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Service Level Agreement

Celeriter WebWorx - Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement applies to all of Celeriter WebWorx' Hosting Packages.

Uptime Guarantee

We aim at 100% uptime for your website in everything that we do (our current service uptime is 99.9% over a period of 10 months). We make sure that our customers are fully compensated in the unlikely event that you should experience downtime while using our services. Our uptime guarantee is designed on a sliding scale in order to compensate you according to the level of outage. If the service is unavailable due to a non-planned total outage for more than 0.3% (2hrs 10mins) of any given month we will fully refund the "per hour" value of the service for all hours over and above the 2hrs 10mins (0.3%) specified up to 1.40% (10hrs). In the unlikely event that the service is down for more than 1.40% (10hrs) but less than 3.3% (24hrs) in one month we will refund 50% of the service fee for that month. In the very unlikely event that the service is down for more than 3.3% (24hrs) we will refund 100% of the service fee for that month (i.e. 1/12th of the annual fee paid).

There are no hidden charges

The price you see is the price you pay. With Celeriter there are no hidden charges.

There are no transfer or release fees

We will not charge you to move your domain(s) away from our service should you desire to do so. You are not "stuck" in a contract with us and can leave with your domain name at any time.


You are the registered legal owner of the domains you buy - not us. This means that you have ultimate control over your domain names and the domain names are yours to use as you wish.


The bandwidth (data transfer) available with your Celeriter account each month is the amount you have chosen to purchase. Very few users ever exceed the allowance they have purchased. However if you need to you may upgrade your account free of charge at anytime. You may either upgrade to the next plan or you may purchase additional bandwidth in blocks of 1 GB for $2.00 per GB.

No advertising

We will never put advertisements or pop-up windows on your websites. Some competitors, though we will not mention who they are, place unsightly advertisements for their company all over your website. However if you have received a free plan from us we do ask that you place a text hyperlink in the footer of your site.

Privacy Policy

We will not pass or sell your private information to anyone else and it is stored securely. Our ordering process links securely with either PayPal, or 2CheckOut depending on which method you have chosen to pay with. Which means that your credit card details are not stored in any form. Please see our privacy policy for full details on our privacy policy.

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