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.:. Portfolio .:.

These are a few of the client sites that have been keeping us busy of late...
eCommerce / Shopping Cart Integration:
MidAmerica Solar, LLC
A current Work-In-Progress { spring '07 }, this is an X-Cart Shopping Cart implementation, based on an X-Cart Template.

The Blue Owl Gift Shop
The Blue Owl Restaurant, in Kimmswick, Missouri, desired to sell their products online. To that end, we implemented the X-Cart Shopping Cart, integrating it with their existing site design.

In conjunction with WildKarde Design services:
Winding Brook Estate
Design by WildKarde Design; An X-Cart Shopping Cart implementation, also integrating in a Coppermine Photo Gallery.

Orlando Gardens
Design based on clients' existing look, taken forward in a web layout, also integrating in a Coppermine Photo Gallery.

Tom's Computer Guys
Design by WildKarde Design; Slice 'n Dice by Celeriter WebWorx.

Teleformance A Strategic Promotions, Inc. Company
Design by WildKarde Design; Slice 'n Dice by Celeriter WebWorx.

Implementing Clients' Designs:
Earlier work...
Jeffco Business Network

Hancock Consulting, LLC

Pappas Chiropractic

Stephen M. Witte, CPA

A Visual Impact Beauty & Hair Salon

Stephen F. Bahn Commercial Real Estate Services
Fairly straight forward implementation of Open-Realty.

StLouisWeddings.com, St. Louis, Missouri StLouisWeddings.com, St. Louis, Missouri
Teri Nickinello, of StLouisWeddings.com, realizing that the needs of her very successful Wedding Directory site had outgrown her abilities, and desiring a more professional appearance, had Celeriter WebWorx conduct a complete site overhaul and redesign. The site, consisting of more than 100 pages, was transitioned from Static HTML to Dynamic PHP, backed by a MySQL Database. We also incorporated a new Advertising Management Open Source software package, phpAdsNew, for a vastly enhanced and scalable means of tracking and maintaining her advertising vendors.

Vandover Baptist Church, Fenton, Missouri Vandover Baptist Church, Fenton, Missouri
The good folk at Vandover desired a site which provided ease of applying frequent updates without the need (and associated costs) of a web designer for recurring changes. Never being one to "reinvent the wheel," for this task we sought out a solution which met their requirements. The search led us to phpWebsite, a Website Content Management system, which we installed and configured, developed their custom Look 'n Feel, and fully trained their personnel in how to use the website's features.

Special Moments Photograhy, Arnold, Missouri Special Moments Photograhy, Arnold, Missouri
Bill Conner, of Special Moments Photography, desired a website to establish a basic web presence, and to display his Wedding Photography. For this three page site, we integrated a custom Javascript Gallery/Slideshow to display a sampling of his work. A unique facet of the implementation is the fashion in which the imagery is preloaded (one image at a time) to keep performance at an acceptable level for those viewers without fast broadband access.

Personal Home Page: Stef's Webpage of Photographs and Memories Personal Home Page: Stef's Webpage of Photographs and Memories
Stefanie (spelled with an "F," not a "ph") wanted desperately to have her place on the 'net. A place to capture her personal memories, show photos of her family old & new, and a place to tell the world of her eclectic tastes in music. However, she was apprehensive about the undertaking, as she had never built a webpage before. Working closely with Stefanie, we tutored her through the basics, and provided occasional design and coding assistance. We are pleased to display her homepage as a part of our portfolio, as she is estatic with the results. We hope you like it too! Check out www.StefWithAnF.net

Celeriter WebWorx, Festus, Missouri Celeriter WebWorx, Festus, Missouri
And, of course, we designed our own website, the one you are looking at presently...   

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