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About Celeriter WebWorx, LLC

Celeriter WebWorx is a Festus, Missouri based Limited Liability Internet Services Company. Formed during the summer of 2003, the company's express purpose is to provide local, personalized World Wide Services to the small and medium businesses of the communities in Jefferson County. The company was formed small, with very low overhead, in order to maximize efficiency and to keep your costs lower. We satisfy all website related needs, including website design and development, hosting, and a full range of maintenance and upgrade services. We will be glad to meet with you in your place of business or, if that is not convenient, we can meet virtually via phone and/or email.

About the Owner of Celeriter WebWorx

Owner and webmaster, Bob De Garmo, has been working with computers for many, many years. More than he normally cares to think about. He first started working in the industry after completing his service in the U.S. Navy, immediately following the Iranian Hostage situation of the late 1970s. At that time he was employed by the former Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center (DMAAC), St. Louis; now the National Imagery and Mapping Agency. From DMAAC, Bob took a position in the public sector as a Consultant with Cap Gemini America (CGA), where he worked on-site at Monsanto for over ten years. From CGA, Bob moved out of consulting and into the employment of a St. Louis based small business, where over a number of years he gained vast experience in Internet Collaborative Software Technologies, Web Development, and UNIX/Linux Server Administration.

About the name "Celeriter"?

Celeriter is a Latin word meaning Rapidly, Quickly, or Speedily, and is the origin of the English word accelerator. The correct pronunciation is with a soft 'C' and all short vowels; as in the latter syllables of the word accelerator. So, why Celeriter, you may ask? Well, if you have had to face the task of researching for a Domain Name (Website Name), you can quite likely appreciate what a challenge it can be! When researching for a catchy company name, Bob and company opted to use a Latin term, and settled on Celeriter as it appropriately portrays the fashion in which the company strives to fulfill the needs of their clients.

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